8 June 2017

The Workshop was organized by EYDAP and NTUA.

9 May 2017, Lake Garda, Veneto
Testing the autonomous and radio controlled boat used for online water quality monitoring in Lake Garda.

2 March 2017, Italy
Data Collection by the university of Verona for the improvement of an existing low cost smart robotic boat (Platypus LLC).

25-29 October 2016, Manchester
Last week scientists from across the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology took part in NERC’s ‘Into the Blue’ public engagement and networking event held at Manchester Airport Runway Visitors Park.

2 February 2017
GARDEN – Lake GARDa ENvironmental system Integrating monitoring and modelling of water quality and meteo-climatological processes

21-22 November 2016

On the 21th of November 2016 a meeting was organized and chaired by PG with the participation of all Italian INTCATCH partners.

16 November 2016

INTCATCH was selected as one of the best 3 projects in the iwater exhibition of Barcelona in Spain

18 October 2016

A technical tour will be done covering the main interesting points of the River Ter where the Intcatch monitoring system will be tested, as well as the current monitoring that is done in this area.
Organized by BETA Technological Center and CERM (UVIC).
Location: River Ter, Spain

22 September 2016

Stakeholders meeting was organised by DS, EA.
Location: Wallingford, UK

17 September 2016

The INTCATCH project was presented at 13th IWA Specialized Conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems and 5th IWA Specialized Conference on Resources-oriented Sanitation by NTUA and UBRUN.
Location: Athens, Greece.

2 September 2016

The INTCATCH project was presented at ECAI conference (European Conference on Artificial Intelligence) by UNIVR.
Location: The Hague, NL

4-6 July 2016

Development and application of Novel, Integrated Tools for monitoring and managing Catchments
INTCATCH Kick – off Μeeting 4-6 July 2016, Brunel, UK

11 June 2016

Stakeholders meeting
Organised by UNIVR and AGS
Location: Bardolino, Italy

7 June 2016

Workshop about the smart boats as water monitoring systems was organized by UNIVR.
Location: Barcelona, Spain.

12 April 2016

Workshop for the future of water related research collaboration between the EU & Central Asia.
Location: Athens, Greece

23 February 2016

Stakeholders meeting on Catchment Partnerships in London.
Organized by THAMES21.
Location: London, UK