Demonstration of INTCATCH robotic boat in Lake Karla by EYDAP

13 Jul 2021, Karla Lake, Greece

A demonstration of the INTCATCH Service took place on the 13th of July 2021 in Karla Lake (near Volos, Central Greece). The presentation was organized by Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP S.A.) and the Management Body of Karla-Maurovouniou-Kefalovrysou Velestinou - Piniou Delta.

The President of the Management Body, Mrs. Ifigenia Kangalou, invited EYDAP R&D, and the Head of the Department, Dr. Samios, with the Researchers Dr Katsouras and Mr. Tsalas, went to the lake to present the capabilities of the robotic boats. INTCATCH service is the successful result of the European Research Program HORIZON2020 INTCATCH (Development and application of Novel, Integrated Tools for Monitoring and Managing Catchments). The main goal was the development and implementation of innovative tools and services for the monitoring of surface water quality and the Integrated Management of Water Resources. Therefore, the deployments of the two robotic boats of EYDAP continues after the end of the program and includes the application of these systems both in the Reservoirs of EYDAP and in sensitive water systems along Greece, such as Karla Lake.

INTCATCH Service with the technologically innovative autonomous boats for real-time monitoring of rivers and lakes, aspires to fill a gap that exists today in the Monitoring Programs of a water body and which so far are based on two monitoring ways according to the EU Water Framework Directive 2000/60:

  1. The main is the systematic but time-consuming process of sampling-analysis-recording and evaluation of the results of the water quality control.
  2. The second developed in recent years and is based on fixed quality control stations that are installed at limited points (e.g. near the shore of a lake or in the course of a river) and provide recorded measurements at these points.

The INTCATCH Service is not an alternative or a substitute for the above methods but was developed by the EU to offer effective solutions to the immediate detection of pollution sources through the geographical visualization of the results on the computer screen of each Stakeholder.

The Demonstration, in addition to the executive members of the Management Body of Lake Karla, headed by the Coordinator - biologist, Giannis Vergos, was attended by the representative of the University of Thessaly, Professor Aris Psilovikos and the Head of the Technical Service of the Municipality Rigas Feraios, Apostolia Katsioura.

The President of the Lake Karla Management Body, stated in a telephone conversation, that the Agency has already expressed its interest in a long-term cooperation, as such measurements must be made at long intervals, but also in various parts of the lake, in order to have enough scientific data for an integrated monitoring, but also to the promotion of research projects.

The Environmental Director of DEYA Larissa, Mr. Argyris Papakonstantinou, was also informed about this innovative technology for intelligent monitoring of Water Resources (rivers and lakes), and he also expressed the interest of DEYA for the consolidation of the cooperation with EYDAP with the ultimate goal of the protection of surface waters and the Integrated Management of Water.

Hellenic Television ET3 with the crew of the journalist Mr. Evangelou Mitrousia covered the Demonstration of INTCATCH-EYDAP boat with a live broadcast on the daily morning show "PERIMETROS", an article on the website and an interview on the state radio station of Larissa (https: //

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689341

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