20 November 2018, Athens, Greece

On Tuesday 20th November 2018, EYDAP presented INTCATCH in the Water Conference 2018 that was organized by “Plant” at Amphitheater Maroussi Plaza, Athens. More than 100 representatives from Greece attended the 5th Water Conference an ideal platform for communication and dissemination of new ideas and solutions, between companies, utilities in the water industry (such as Public Water Supply and Sewerage Companies-DEYA’s, Public Authorities-Municipalities) and Academic Community, on the field of Sustainable Water Resources.

Dr. Efthymios Lytras in his presentation titled “Circular Economy Technologies”, referred on INTCATCH environmental objectives, on project challenges and the importance of the development innovative monitoring strategies on catchment scale in order to deliver a high ecological status for lakes and rivers. He emphasized that the main challenges when considering a change in current monitoring practice are related to a reliable and cost effective monitoring that would allow the identification of hot spots (where pollution is more intensive) and where specific measures could be proposed and implemented.

Download the INTCATCH Presentation during the Water Conference 2018 (in greek) here

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689341

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