GO-SYS - GOSYS - has been established since 25 years. The activities of the company in the field of water monitoring systems started 15 years ago within the international research field GOOS (global ocean observing system) by cooperation between the University of Kiel and the GKSS Research center. The profile of the company includes engineering and technology as well as production and sales for the products. The main activities is the development and production of sensors and data acquisition systems, as well as the data communication by internet in wired and wireless connection. GO programmed and installed a company Cloud system for worldwide data communication. This cloud is today connected to more than 200 systems. The company in total has 25 employers, 40 % with university education. Sales of the product is done by more than 30 partners worldwide. The main product focus is data communication by internet cloud and optical spectral sensors for parameter detection and wet chemical analyzers for industrial and environmental applications.

Our solutions have been in use worldwide in shipping, aquaculture, medicine, in the food industry and other branches for over 20 years. And parallel to this our engineers have been further developing innovative and mobile solutions for GO-Systemelektronik. For example, our BlueBox System which combines measuring and controlling in a modular and scalable system which links via a Bussystem over 200 sensors and actuators. This works, as with all interactions of our products, simply by using the plug-in-and play principal. To guarantee the high quality of our solutions we develop our software ourselves and in addition produce our whole product range exclusively in Germany.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689341

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