TECHNITALTECHNITAL is a private joint stock company established 50 years ago (in 1964) and it is a dynamic company whose sectors of activity cover transport infrastructure (roads and motorways, railways, inland waterways, urban transport, ports and airports), hydraulics (potabilisation and desalination plants, dams, aqueducts, sewerage systems, waste and water treatment), maritime and coastal engineering, environmental and sanitary engineering (dump sites, recycling plants, incineration and waste to energy plants), buildings and architecture.

In each of these sectors TECHNITAL provides innovative project solutions to Government Agencies, International Financial Institutions and Private Sector Organizations. The company covers the full range of services, from planning and feasibility studies through to detailed design, works supervision and technical assistance:

  • project management
  • lanning and economic-financial evaluation of investments
  • feasibility studies and technical-economic evaluations
  • all levels of design
  • environmental impact assessment and studies
  • traffic studies
  • procurement and assistance with tenders
  • construction supervision, quality assurance, testing and commissioning
  • co-ordination and supervision of research and laboratory tests
  • development of hydrodynamic and hydrogeological analysis and simulations
  • development and application of analysis methods and computer modelling.

TECHNITAL has been operating in the field of environmental studies since the early seventies and has therefore been able to acquire a considerable experience which ranges from planning and management to research applications and the design of environmental recovery interventions. To deal properly with environmental problems a multidisciplinary approach is necessary; for this reason the firm avails itself of a team of experts in various fields: natural sciences, agronomy, geology, chemistry, biology, town planning, and informatics, who can guarantee the required expertise to manage the various design aspects. The various design phases are assisted by advanced computer tools, namely mathematical models and geographical information systems (GIS), which constitute an integrated and articulated system. TECHNITAL uses the best-known software available on the market, and has also developed its own sophisticated ecological and hydrogeological models to study the effects of innovative engineering works particularly in the water environment.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689341

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