INTCATCH Stakeholders’ Workshop, Athens, Greece

8 June 2017

The Workshop was organized by EYDAP and NTUA. In order to establish a Greek Stakeholder Network all the interested parties were invited, such as such Public Water Supply and Sewerage Companies (DEYA’s), Public Authorities (‘Special Secretariat for Water’ under Ministry of Environment and Energy, Prefectures of Greece, Municipalities), Academic Community (NTUA, NKUA), Research Institute of Inlands Waters (HCMR), NGOs and other local authorities.




Workshop aims:

  • To present the INTCATCH services and products to targeted End Users and Stakeholders.
  • To present the requirements of the INTCATCH key study site Lake Yliki, regarding sensors, boats, Decision Support System.
  • To discuss with Stakeholders and Scientific Community the social dimensions of water quality monitoring and management and clarify our common aims and goals.
  • To establish a Greek Stakeholder Network, allowing input from Stakeholders and Competent Authorities and get feedback from them through questionnaires.

The discussion among the Stakeholders triggered some important points in terms of exploitation and the INTCATCH services which are most suitable for application in Greece:

  • In Greece radio controlled autonomous boats coupled with online sensors are not used for water monitoring. It is a new technology that the Stakeholders and the organizations responsible for monitoring of water bodies do not apply.
  • There was an increased interest among Stakeholders on the range of INTCATCH services.
  • A powerful tool for managing the data is currently missing. The organizations responsible for monitoring receive a large amount of data from where it is not always possible to extract meaningful results and conclusions. The INTCATCH data handling service will be very valuable and could be coupled with existing fixed online monitoring stations.
  • Refinement and upgrade of the Greek Stakeholder Network, that needs to be considered when demonstrating INTCATCH technologies and solutions in Lake Yliki.
  • As sensor technology progresses the prospects of the robotic boat application increases. The possibility of INTCATCH boats to be used for monitoring coastal waters was emphasized by EYDAP.
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689341

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