PG - PG is a Spin-Off of the Universities of Verona and Bologna and it and operates within the Center for Functional Genomics, University of Verona. PG was founded thanks to the expertise and the scientific vision of internationally renowned experts in molecular biology, genetics and medicine, trained at Bologna and Verona Universities. In addition, PG gathers the professionalism of experts in business development and management strategies, who actively contribute to the development of new products in a market-oriented view. PG goal is to provide the market with products, services and solutions with highly innovative technology in the biotechnology field. In particular, PG is leader in Italy for DNA/RNA next-generation sequencing services, with a wide range of applications that include disease diagnosis, predictive and personalized medicine, biodiversity assessment, food and environmental monitoring.PG has managed projects involving all available NGS sequencing technologies: Roche 454 (FLX e Junior), Illumina (HiSeq®, MiSeq® and X Ten®), Ion Torrent (PGM® and Proton®), Life Technologies (SOLiD®), Pacific Bioscience (PACBIO RS®) thus boasting the widest possible experience in the field of sequencing of 2nd and 3rd generation in Italy. In 2014, it was the first Centre in Europe to acquire the KnoSYS-100® technological platform, developed by Knome Inc. for the interpretation of NGS genomic data of human samples. In addition, in 2014 it was selected as the only Centre in Italy to develop and test innovative applications using the 3rd generation sequencing platform MinION (Oxford Nanopore) in the frame of the MinION Access Program.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689341

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